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Update // Facebook Redefines Its News Feed

12 January 2018

Has Facebook gone and Zucked it up for marketers, businesses and content publishers?

Yesterday, January 11th, 2018, Facebook announced a major change for their News Feed. This is one that will have major implications for marketers and publishers that had previously relied on the nature of the news feed to amplify their content.

Facebook is seeking to bring a change to the way people experience the platform. You probably remember the days when your news feed was filled primarily with updates from family and friends, plus the random status updates telling the world what you’re doing or feeling at that very moment.history-facebook-updates1

Since then, your daily scroll has become more and more saturated with viral videos, major news updates, and random advertisements for things you never thought you needed (and most likely didn’t).

Over the next few weeks, Facebook has announced that is will be going back to the basics and bringing you more from people you may actually know on a personal level. This means more from your family and friends, and posts from publishers and news outlets that your family and friends are engaging with, in an effort to bring back that good old community feeling Facebook originally intended to be.


What does this mean for marketers, publishers and businesses that have been using the platform as a method of cheaply reaching large quantities of people?

This is going to rewrite the script on how most publishers go about their daily post. Facebook is updating the ranking system to limit the reach of public content, including videos and other posts from publishers or businesses, to make room for posts from friends and family (and that one dude from high school you “maybe” remember), and public content that is more likely to harbor discussion from friends and family.

Those pages who stack their post publishing schedule with multiple posts a day (and do not see much engagement on those posts) will see the largest decrease in reach, the algorithm will now aim to reduce your exposure in the news feed. This is a major change for pages that have utilized these strategies to increase traffic for their page or website.

Community returns to Facebook:
the signs were written on the wall. You may have heard grumblings of this change months ago when news was leaked that Facebook was testing a split news feed in certain countries.
 Now the day is here, and marketers and brands should redefine their strategy for Facebook publishing, or be left in the wake of change and progress. 


We want to hear your thoughts on this! Let’s discuss in the comments back on Facebook your thoughts on this major update!


Austin Holm, Digital Marketing Manager