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TIPical Tusday: Video File Sizing

By Cody Gan on November 1, 2020

With the rise in prominence of video on social media, as well as the sheer volume of platforms that have emerged over the years, it has become more important than ever to be aware of the files size limitations of these platforms in order to reduce the amount of time that you and/or your team have to re-export videos. By doing so, this keeps your team efficient and saves your company valuable time and energy. 

The most prominent platform with one of the most aggressive video file size limitation is Instagram, with a limit of 100mb per video. Additionally, here are the limitations for other platforms:

  • Facebook: 4gb
  • Twitter: 512mb
  • Snapchat 10 second Ads: 32mb
  • Snapchat Long-form Ads: 1gb
  • Youtube: 128gb
  • TikTok Ads: 500mb

When you do run into these limitations, a quick way to reduce the file size of your videos without having to re-open a video project is to bring your video into a media encoder such as Adobe Media Encoder or HandBrake, and then in the export settings for each there should be an option to reduce the video bitrate, or mb/s of the video. By doing so you will reduce the final overall file size of the video when you render it out, but please be aware that the bitrate of the video is directly tied to the quality of the video, so reducing it will also reduce the final quality of the video.

Our advice is to reduce it as little as possible while keeping within the limitations of your particular platform in order to achieve the perfect balance of quality and size. 

When exporting your next video, consider the following limitations in order to keep your team efficient as possible by reducing the amount of times your team has to export a video, and in the event that you do have to re-render, you can follow our tips on video bitrate to ensure that you’re still achieving the highest quality possible for your videos.

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