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TIPical Tuesday: Bulletproof Branding in 5 Steps

By Rachel Cazeres on October 16, 2020

Logos are usually the first aspect of brand identity that business owners think to address when launching a new product, service, or brand of some kind. There is no doubt that a logo is an important representation of your brand and what it really stands for, but there are a couple other things to consider when it comes to having a bulletproof brand, that often are overlooked.

That’s right—staring at sketches is only the half of it. The key to having a bulletproof brand is making sure everything else to do visually with your brand is helping it tell its story. It goes without saying: a logo can’t do that alone. A brand is like a good relationship–it works best when the elements are supporting each other. 

A baseline set of assets you can implement to make that happen should include:

  1. A specific and unique typeface/set of typefaces. 
    1. Try to keep it at or below three different ones, and avoid using typefaces that are default and ubiquitous, like Calibri or Arial. It helps when time is taken to search for something unique.
  2. A consistent and distinctive color palette.
    1. Some brands have become so successful in adopting a color for their identity, that just seeing the color alone makes you think of the brand. But in most cases, these color choices are important for an effort to stand out at all.   
  3. A special brand pattern 
    1. Think of it as wallpaper that tells a story.
  4. A distinct brand language.
    1. so when your brand speaks, your audience knows who’s talking. For example, it’s common for some modern startups to use very relaxed, casual, trendy language. That’s probably not something you should adopt for your funeral home.
  5. A set of graphic elements.
    1. These illustrate your brand in an extended way from your logo. Think of your logo as the title of the book, and the graphic elements as the words on the pages. For example, the ribbon shape used by Coca Cola, or the big red circles used by Target.

There is a way you can test this and ask yourself if your brand is living its best life. Look at one of your advertisements of any kind, and cover up your logo with your hand. If it wasn’t there, would you still be able to tell this is YOUR company and no one else’s?

So what’s the benefit to going through all this trouble? By following these steps, your brand is going to have not only a strong visual presence to help you stand out, but a meaningful one that customers are glad to connect with. The verdict: taking time on building this is almost a guaranteed ROI. 

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