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TIP-ical Tuesday: Using Video on Social

By Liz Quintero on November 17, 2020

Utilizing videos to advertise your business is a sure-fire way to catch your audience’s attention. As opposed to traditional media, social media spreads your message faster. We often see businesses posting videos to their Facebook or Instagram in hopes that there is a lot of engagement. However, each platform has distinct characteristics that allow a video to perform well – the same video will not be equally effective on both platforms. Let’s dive into the unwritten rules of using videos on Facebook and Instagram to advertise your business.

Facebook videos can be as long as needed, but people usually watch for 10 seconds before they decide whether or not to continue watching. An advertisement should realistically attempt to be only a minute long so the audience doesn’t get bored. These videos have a longer shelf life too, as they can be shared and reposted for years, given the subject matter is still relevant. The like button, ability to comment, and ease of sharing posts/videos allows for easy engagement and opportunity for many shares. Sharing a video often means more people will view it and your business’ message. Facebook is a good platform to share videos that inform the public, garner discussion, or create value for your brand.

Instagram videos are much shorter.

  • A story is up to 15 seconds
  • A story ad is up to 15 seconds
  • A reel is up to 30 seconds
  • A post is up to 1 minute
  • An in-feed ad is up to 1 minute
  • IGTV is up to 60 minutes

Depending on where the video will be posted, the format, execution, and length will need to change as well. These short form videos will most likely hit one aspect of the business and need to be very to-the-point. They tend to be more fast paced and active. The Instagram culture is more casual and comedic as well so a very serious video wouldn’t perform well. It’s a great platform for tutorials and product descriptions.

Keep in mind that these are only 2 of many platforms where video ads may live. They aren’t the right ones for just any business, and Team Compass can help guide your business’ brand in the right direction.

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