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TIP-ical Tuesday: Seasonal Marketing

By Elizabeth Quintero on 6/24/2020

A flower shop will offer deals around Valentine’s Day, a fireworks tent will pop up a week before the 4th of July, and toy stores will offer great sales on Black Friday. All of these forms of seasonal marketing makes sense. There is no doubt there is a correlation between reaching out to your customers around holidays or specific seasons that your business thrives on. But have you ever noticed your gym posting “Happy Mother’s Day?” You might think it’s random and has nothing to do with the gym. Is there any significance in doing that?

Absolutely. As a reflection of the business, the post is showing that they care about mothers and celebrating their day. They want people to know they care about the customer behind the sale. And for those who aren’t current customers, viewers will keep that in mind next time they are shopping around for a gym. Of course, the quality of the gym is important, but so is the customer service!

In addition, seasonal marketing gives the consumer an excuse to buy a product. If I am thinking about buying new tires, I will wait until the semi-annual sale I heard is happening next week. If I wasn’t thinking about buying shoes but pass by a store with a 75% off sale, well…now I’m buying new shoes.

It’s important to communicate with your audience at all times of the year – not only when you’re trying to sell your product. A consumer who only sees price tags won’t feel important to the company. And a consumer’s dollar is just as good as how happy they are with your product or service. Take advantage of seasonal marketing, but also remember to make connections year-round.

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