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TIP-ical Tuesday: Reach Vs. Frequency in advertising

By Eric Wagers on 06/26/2020

There are many effective ways to market your business and one of the most popular is through Television ads. If done correctly, television advertisements can be one of the best ways to reach potential customers. When placing TV ads, it can be challenging to determine the right station to place your ads on as well as the best time of day to impact your target audience. In deciding this you must weigh the benefits of both reach and frequency.

Reach is how many individual people you touch with a single advertisement while frequency is how many times that Ad touches a single person. Ideally, a business would be able to maximize both reach and frequency with an advertisement, but it can be very expensive to attain that. While it might seem more effective to go after as many people as you can, that doesn’t always bring the best results. Most friendships don’t take shape from one encounter, it usually takes multiple interactions to form a strong bond. The same thing can be said for building business relationships with potential customers.

Although it may be enticing to reach as many people as possible, my advice is to focus on frequency. It is important to remember that multiple views by a single customer will usually be required to develop brand recognition.

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