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Katie's second Blog Still for Tip-Ical Tuesday

TIP-ical Tuesday: Paid, Earned and Owned Media

by Katie Booker on 02/19/20

What is paid, earned and owned media?

Paid media is what you pay for, such as Facebook and Google Ads, TV spots and Radio or Billboards (check out our work for some examples). Paying for placement helps your message cut through all the noise in media today.

Earned media is what you receive at no cost. This can include news coverage, word of mouth or online reviews. This type of media is usually generated from paid or owned media. It is considered credible and trustworthy.

Owned media belongs to you. This includes your social media accounts, your website, your email list, and your blog. This is media you have the most control over. You are talking to users who have chosen to follow your account. These channels can speak to both current clients and potential new clients.

Having all three types of media is crucial to marketing your business.

On Average, we consume over 5,000 advertisements a day. To stand out from your competition, it is important to utilize all three types of media. At best practice in getting your consumer to convert is for them to see your message at multiple touchpoints.

Potential customers can leave the buyer’s funnel at any point. It is vital for you to be at every stage to help capture your target audience. By having paid, earned and owned media you are putting yourself in front of users and influencing them to convert into customers.

Making use of all three forms of media can help you stand out from your competition and ultimately bring in more business.


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