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TIP-ical Tuesday: How to Collaborate effectively, while working remotely

By Priyanka Raj on September 22, 2020

Working remotely is not a new phenomenon, but, recently we have seen a drastic increase in organizations opting to work from home.

A better lifestyle, more family time, less commute, eco-friendly as well as economically friendly- whatever may be the reason; working from home is a welcome change workforce across the globe is accepting. Of course, the pandemic (2019-2020) is another valid reason for this change.

The digital era has ushered in a revolution in communication. It’s changing how we speak, it’s affecting how we process information, and this continuing shift calls for a new range of behaviors and skills.

 Digitalization of communication isn’t easy especially when your work requires constant collaboration with your team.

Working from home means all your communication happens via texts, emails, conference calls, and other digital communications. What is lacking is the “Body language”. The tone of an email or the formality of a chat conversation is left wide open to misinterpretations that may result in affecting morale, engagement, productivity, and innovation.

 To perform at the highest levels, remote teams have to find new and better ways to operate. Here are some best practices to collaborate effectively while working remotely:

Clear communication: Sending short and brief emails may seem efficient on the surface, but it may not be as clear to the reader (team). Don’t assume that others understand your cues and shorthand. Video calls allow a face-to-face communication, which is far more productive than texts or emails. Spend the time to be ultra-clear, no matter the medium.

Establish communication norms: Remote teams need to create new norms that establish clarity in communication. Individual teams can also establish their own norms — e.g., to use or not use Slack, Google Docs, or Hangout calls.

Today, there are so many ways to communicate. It is very important to streamline your channel. Norms that work for your team will ensure smooth n hurdle-free communication. Make sure everyone is using the same platform for emails, chats, or video calls.

Promote your Company culture- Your teammates are more than just co-workers. The importance of rapport and friendship among individuals is paramount to establish a work culture.  

Now is the time to be creative and find more ways to get together even if it’s not under one roof. Breakfast meeting to Beer 30- everything can be done virtually. Find ways to bond with the teammates to encourage collaboration and exchange of ideas.

Remote teams must understand the new rules of engagement, and build a virtual workspace that reflects the demands of our digitally-driven age.

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