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Tip-ical Tuesday – From Home: Lighting the Subject

By Elizabeth Quintero on 06/02/2020

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has some amount of skill in videography and photography simply because our smartphones are so high tech. In a pinch, a salesman can easily become the photographer of the office when they need to post a picture to their website or social media. However, it is still important to instill basic photo/video guidelines even if you are posting a simple group photo.

A common mistake people make is placing the subject in a bad lighting situation. Some say that lighting is the most important element in photography and videography because it subconsciously tells the viewer what is important in the composition. Sometimes we place the subject with its back to the light. The camera can only expose for one light – the background or your subject. You risk losing a lot of detail doing this, and the overexposure of the background is distracting. The best way to place a subject is with the light in front of them.

When we utilize these basic rules in photography and videography, there is no doubt the footage looks better. Not only does it look better, but it also encourages the audience to trust your footage more. We tend to give more credibility to a video that has crisp sound, stable motion, bright and even lighting, among other elements, and perfecting the lighting in your video only helps your brand that much more.

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