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TIP-ical Tuesday: Difference Between Events and Reminders in Google Calendar

By Lara Rodman on August 24, 2020

Knowing the difference between Events and Reminders in Google Calendar will really help organize your day.  Events have a set time, date, and agenda.  You have options to invite people to join the event via in-person location or attach a link for a virtual meeting. You can track RSVPs to the event, attach any documents that may be needed and leave a brief description of the event.  Events keep track of your appointments, calls, and meetings.

Reminders are just that, a quick note to remind you of something.  You can put it as an all-day reminder or set a time.   The awesome part is if you do not mark the reminder done then it will move to the following day to remind you again.  This is great because if you did not have time to complete the reminder, you will probably not have time to move it on your calendar.  You can use this for following up on invoices, reminders to enter timesheets, and even watering the plants. 

Utilizing Events and Reminders correctly can and will lower your stress by making the view less overwhelming.  You can view just reminders, just events or both.  Color code them as separate colors so when you view them together you can focus on what is important.   Great time management skills start with how people plan their day. An organized calendar increases productivity and lowers stress.  It is amazing how this little step can really improve how you manage your time. Check out the Google help center for step by step guides on what you can do in your google calendar.

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