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TIP-ical Tuesday: Answering This One Question Will Guide You Through Any Challenge

The world, as we have known it continues to change daily. The fact that you’re most likely reading this entry working from home in comfortable sweats being a prime example. It’s normal for fear to creep in when uncertainty is on the horizon. But having a strong and well-defined mission statement will guide you through difficult times.

There should be no shame in pausing to mourn the loss of ‘normal’ as we once knew it and to worry about what lies beyond the current crisis. However, there is one question that if answered will fortify and encourage you for whatever lies ahead. It will be your compass through the thick fog of uncertainty. When it seems unclear what direction you should take next ask yourself what is my mission?

DJ D-Nice clearly asked himself that question. What is a popular DJ to do when clubs, parties, and social gatherings are prohibited indefinitely? I’m assuming his mission aligns with bringing joy to music lovers with his incredible mixes and talented musical ear. While social gatherings at restaurants and clubs were integral to that his entire career, mandated social isolation doesn’t hinder the execution of that mission. It changes how it is accomplished.

So DJ D-Nice’s #ClubQuarantine was born. On the first day, around 200 people showed up to his Instagram live session. A few days later, he was joined by Rihanna, Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, and over 100,000 music lovers who danced joyfully to his unique set of classics and current hits from home. 

DJ D-Nice made quarantine more bearable and joyful by doing the same thing he always had in a different way. How? By sticking to his mission

Sometimes inspiration comes from the simplest places. Ask yourself the question; what’s the purpose of my business, what’s the mission? 

Don’t rush. 

Take hours, take days to settle on it if necessary, and once you have the answer; let it inspire you. 

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