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Inside Insight // Event Planning

13 November 2017

Organizing an event can be overwhelming, but with careful planning, it doesn’t have to be.


My name is Erik Thompson, First Impressions and Events Specialist here at Compass Marketing and Consulting. On today’s Inside Insight I will discuss with you how to prepare an event while staying stress-free in just a few simple steps.

Step one: create a checklist. A checklist is integral to the event planning process including everything especially small details that often get overlooked. Step two: design a timeline of the event itself. Create a timeline of the sequence of events regarding your work function. For example, include when guest start to arrive, when performances and speeches are scheduled, and when guests are to depart. Try to follow your checklist and timeline simultaneously to guarantee that things are all in sync.

Expect the unexpected. Being mentally prepared will help any event planner locate the complication and find a solution. Always try to have a backup plan. There are times where no amount of careful planning can influence the outcome.