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Inside Insight // Establishing a Successful Client-Agency Relationship

4 December 2017

A client-agency partnership is one of the most important relationships your business can have. Are you getting the most out of your marketing partner?

Hi, I’m Nick Williams, Operations Manager here at Compass Marketing & Consulting. On today’s ‘Inside Insight,’ we are going to share with you a few tips on creating a successful client-agency relationship.

Tip 1: Stick to your marketing plan but be flexible. Establishing a marketing plan with measurable outcomes and deadlines will help your team focus on the outcomes and minimize distractions. Additionally, it is important to identify all points of contact within both parties and their preferred methods of communication. Failure to meet expectations is often caused by never identifying and establishing goals at the beginning of a marketing partnership.

Tip 2: Over Communicate. It is absolutely critical for you to share important information efficiently and quickly with your agency partner. Your business needs to be flexible in how you operate and having constant and consistent communication with your marketing agency will help you achieve your goals. Ask for reports and utilize this to help you track your goals. Be sure to use this data to help verify results that you’ve seen in your success, or to influence future marketing decisions.

Tip 3: Be Open to New Ideas. So now you have a marketing agency, trust them! Be open to new ideas that may push you beyond your normal comfort zone of what you’ve done in the past. Some of these marketing strategies may be new to you, be sure to clarify any questions that you may have with your marketing partner because, at the end of the day, they’re there for you.