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Inside Insight // Account Management

27 November 2017

An Account Manager is responsible for maintaining Agency and client relationships that are critical to the ongoing success of a business.


Hi! I’m Lydia Vukic,  and I am an Account Manager at Compass Marketing and Consulting, and on today’s Inside Insight we’ll be talking about tips for successful account management. When building client relationships as an account manager you should take a holistic approach. By having a clear view of the big picture, you can more confidently take action to serve client needs. An account manager is the primary point of contact between your clients and your team. It is important to listen to your client’s needs as well as your team’s requirements. By acting as an effective liaison, you can ensure a smoother and more effective project management.

Rather than waiting for your clients to bring up issues or ask about service options, be proactive. Frequently check-in with your accounts to ensure they are satisfied with your service. This means communicating when things going wrong as well as when things go right. Keep the lines of communication open always so that everyone is on the same page as you move towards established goals.