Update // Facebook Redefines Its News Feed

Has Facebook gone and Zucked it up for marketers, businesses and content publishers? Yesterday, January 11th, 2018, Facebook announced a major change for their News Feed. This is one that will have major implications for marketers and publishers that had previously relied on the nature of the news feed to amplify […]

The Nosey Intern Final Episode – Daryl Green

This is it; ‘The Nosey Intern’ Final Episode featuring our Agency Director, Daryl Green! Thank you to all of you who have stayed with us til the end! Be sure to keep an eye out for the next #teamcompass production! Compass Marketing & Consulting on Vimeo Episode I – Tony […]

Your Old Logo is a No-Go

Here at Compass Marketing & Consulting we can’t stress enough the importance of a strong company logo. A bad logo could leave your company unnoticed or otherwise give your company a bad brand image. So that leaves the question, does your logo fully represent your brand and is it easily associated […]

The Stranger Side of Compass

This year’s breakout summer hit, the Netflix original series: Stranger Things, transports viewers through time to a familiar 80s sci-fi setting – loaded with retro music, clothing, themes, and characters. The show relies heavily on the styling and sentiment of the era it portrays, which is remarkably extended into its design […]

Four Walls Don’t Define Your Work

Do you need to recreate your environment or work patterns to inspire greater productivity, creativity or even better—a sense of calm and balance? While technological advancements bring innovative and progressive work environments, the restrictive indoor environment which ties us to these technologies may overwhelm employees and hinder productivity. Yes, technology […]

Keep Your Coffee Weird

    As you prepared your bowl of cereal this morning, did you take your first bite and come to the realization that you have eaten this nearly every morning for the past three months? We often carry out our daily rituals so unconsciously that it gets to a point […]

Facebook Plans to Add “Dislike” Button (well, sort of)

Have you ever read a friend’s Facebook post and were unsure of how to respond? Perhaps they mentioned that their honeymoon flight was cancelled, or they shared an image of a newly formed cast on their foot after an impromptu basketball pick-up game went awry. Well, if you were looking […]

The Dog Blog

There are always certain things that indicate the beginning of the work day at any office. Perhaps it’s the sound that the copier makes as it powers-up;  the smell of the first pot of coffee brewing that wafts through the still air; or the quiet broken by the banter of […]

Typography & Your Business: What You Need to Know

We all know how crucial branding is to a business. Not only is it an opportunity to tell your audience who you are in your industry, but it’s also an opportunity to showcase how you differ from your competitors. As you think about the various components of branding, it’s likely […]

Culinary Confessions, Capital Cuisine Restaurant Week

From Austin to Atlanta and Chicago to Charleston, you will find many variations of “restaurant week,” all based upon an original 1992 event in New York City, credited with the title of being the first ever of its kind. During this period of time, participating restaurants generally lure both regular […]