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Big Bend Hospice Foundation

‘Count on Us’ End of Year Campaign


Big Bend Hospice Foundation sought to increase overall donations to their cause as a part of their annual End of Year Giving Campaign in 2017.


The End of Year Giving Campaign has historically been one of BBHFs strongest catalysts of charitable giving. But the foundation has never employed a fully integrated marketing campaign using a digital funnel in their history.


We knew that BBH maintains a large brand awareness base in the local area, so our task was not to create new awareness but to convert their awareness into donations.

Video is regarded as the most effective form of communication in advertising in many cases, so we chose this medium to tell the moving story that BBH represents to the right people.

The campaign became the “Count On Us” campaign, and we set out to capture the story of how our community can count on BBH in some of the most important moments of life.

'Count On Us' booklet by Compass Marketing and Consulting


Compass Marketing created and executed an integrated marketing campaign including digital, print and television. The IMC would focus on the objective of identifying engaged individuals at the top of the funnel with video content, then move the individuals to action through a series of retargeting sequences.


Facebook Funnel Campaign

Development of Video PSA’s – “Count On Us”

Creation of a Campaign Brochure – “Count On Us”

Broadcast TV Spots with Strategic Media Placement

Big Bend hospice booklet design


Utilizing a strategic integrated marketing campaign in Q4 of 2017, Big Bend Hospice saw a 53% increase in total charitable giving compared to that of the previous year.

Stats At A Glance

53% Increase YoY in Charitable Giving*

36% Increase YoY in Donate Page Visits.

39% Increase YoY in Direct Traffic overall.

257% Increase YoY in Social Traffic.

*based on BBHF reporting.

Expertly designed booklet by Compass Marketing


Creating multiple touchpoints across a variety of mediums is effective in increasing overall awareness of the End of Year Giving message and ask. The number one challenge we face in today’s advertising landscape is over-saturation, and utilizing a highly targeted Facebook Funnel, direct mail, print, and television campaign is a proven way to break through the noise and increase awareness. Although this campaign was deemed successful, future campaigns will need increased ad spend across digital mediums as saturation levels are ever-increasing.