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TIP-ical Tuesday: Utilizing Lists in Blog Posts

by Cody Gan on 5/15 While lists have been around for a while, their value has been somewhat overlooked, especially with the rise in popularity of quick and easily digestible content from the likes of Snapchat and Tik Tok. As such, the attention span of consumers has shortened dramatically, and utilizing lists in longer-form content such as blog posts can be a simple and effective way to convey your message in a concise package. One...

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TIP-ical Tuesday: Answering This One Question Will Guide You Through Any Challenge

The world, as we have known it continues to change daily. The fact that you’re most likely reading this entry working from home in comfortable sweats being a prime example. It’s normal for fear to creep in when uncertainty is on the horizon. But having a strong and well-defined mission statement will guide you through difficult times. There should be no shame in pausing to mourn the loss of ‘normal’ as we once knew...

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TIP-ical Tuesday: Integrated Marketing Campaigns

by Bria Silver on 4/21 An Integrated Marketing Campaign (IMC) combines and utilizes several different mediums, with a consistent and branded message both digitally and traditionally. The goal of an IMC is to cohesively market to your consumer through different means of communication in hopes of yielding higher conversion rates.  This method is ideal and highly recommended when marketing to your target audience. Studies indicate that the average person needs to be exposed to your...

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TIP-ical Tuesday: Social Distancing

by Katie Booker on 03/30/20 With the number of COVID-19 cases growing, state and local governments are recommending the practice of social distancing. Companies are using branding and campaigns to promote awareness and safety. Chiquita banana posted a version of the logo to it’s Instagram without Miss Chiquita. The caption “I am already home. Please do the same and protect yourself. #staysafe” was used. Coca-Cola promoted social distancing in Time Square by separating its logo saying “Staying apart is the best way to stay united. McDonald’s...

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TIP-ical Tuesday: Color Theory in Filmmaking

by Liz Quintero on 03/17/20 Color theory is used in a wide variety of ways in all types of filmmaking. Colors evoke emotion in a subconscious manner that would be too obvious if said out loud through dialogue. If you were to watch 6 action movies one after the other, one of the first observations you’d make is that everything looks blue and orange. No, that’s not a coincidence. We will be talking about 4 of the many color...

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TIP-ical Tuesday: Paid, Earned and Owned Media

by Katie Booker on 02/19/20 What is paid, earned and owned media? Paid media is what you pay for, such as Facebook and Google Ads, TV spots and Radio or Billboards (check out our work for some examples). Paying for placement helps your message cut through all the noise in media today. Earned media is what you receive at no cost. This can include news coverage, word of mouth or online reviews. This type of media is usually generated...

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