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July, 2017

Take It From A Millennial // Influencer Marketing

This week on Take It From A Millennial, we discover influencer marketing and the grand effect it has on millennial purchase behavior. Influencer marketing is the organic marketing practice where a marketer hires influencers to spread their brand message to their target audience, rather than communicating their brand message to […]

Take It From A Millennial // Cause Marketing

A few weeks ago, I started this blog series to give you tips on how best to reach millennials from the point of view of a millennial marketing intern here at Compass Marketing and Consulting. Throughout the last few weeks, we have been examining different aspects that call our attention […]

Take It From A Millennial // Authenticity

This week on Take It From A Millennial, we look at yet another aspect that makes millennials put all their spending power to good use. Today, we examine brand authenticity and its effect on millennial purchase behavior. Authenticity is defined as being true to one’s personality and identity; not copying or […]

Take It From A Millennial // Meaningful Connections

It’s finally Friday once again, which means I’m back with your weekly dose of millennial insight. Last week, I started by telling you who millennials are. This week, I take you a step further into one of the many aspects that shape millennial purchase behavior: meaningful connections. So let’s take […]