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Your Old Logo is a No-Go

19 October 2016

Here at Compass Marketing & Consulting we can’t stress enough the importance of a strong company logo. A bad logo could leave your company unnoticed or otherwise give your company a bad brand image. So that leaves the question, does your logo fully represent your brand and is it easily associated with your company?

logo-blog-imageLogos are changing constantly, and an outdated logo could render your company invisible. Today, logos are simple, cleaner, efficient; they stand out with vibrant colors to be easily recognized by a potential consumer.kfc-2

Take a look at KFC’s first logo; definitely a #throwback. KFC’s old logo is simple and effective by explaining the brand’s main product, but it certainly does not stand out by today’s standards.

Now that’s more like it! Who knew that KFC’s company color is red? You certainly kfc-nowwouldn’t know it by looking at their logo in 1952. There’s also the same yet modernized Colonel Sanders face that’s easily associate it with the company, bringing a familiarity in brand recognition that spans over 50 years.

When a company changes their image people tend to take notice. The same occurs when a company freshens up their logo. It gives the audience the idea that there is something new coming, that the company is staying current with the times.
Instagram changed their logo from a brown Polaroid-style camera to a bright multi-color image of a camera, and this sent the internet on a meme making frenzy. Since then, the Instagram user count has boomed and they’ve introduced new features such as their Snapchat-like stories.orfokqy

Digital Technology is ever-changing, therefore an outdated and dull logo will have a hard time keeping up with the pace. In 1976 companies like Apple started simple with their company name printed on their logos, but in 2016 most logos are made with bright colors and crisp edges to stand out of your computer or television screen.


Older logos like Apple’s first logo were ideal back in 1976, but today with digital technology evolving, it does not stand out or make a lasting impression with its simple black and white name and image.
fifthavenue_heroAfter seeing the 5th Ave Apple Store in NYC, you’re likely to associate it with the illuminated Apple logo on your laptop. This store sells itself with Apple’s bright white logo on a glass structure.

Just like a daily manicured golf course, logos need maintenance. Some logos need adjusting to simplify or to go for a cleaner look, others might need a complete alteration to further reinforce a company’s brand name and expand its audience.




Our Digital Designer Tony Watts Jr was tasked to re-brand the FAMU School of Journalism & Graphic Communication.

After researching the school’s history and instructional focus he began to sketch ideas that best encapsulated the vision of FAMU SJGC while keeping in mind the tastes of the most important stakeholders: the students. Many felt the original logo wasn’t completely out of date but indeed needed a modern application that better represented a modern multimedia institution.




Updating the logo’s colors to two shades of orange was the first step of modernizing the logo. Though the original logo depicts the SJGC building in stylized 3D, Watts chose to update the imagery with a more realistic and modern three-dimensional approach. Greater recognition of the school was the main target for the re-brand so the SJGC title and year of establishment are featured predominantly.



Does your logo fully represent your brand today and is it easily associated with your company? If not, give us a call at Compass Marketing & Consulting. We’ll guide you there!