Tony Watts | Digital Designer


Tell us a little bit about your role here at Compass?
I am the new digital designer, and I create visually appealing websites, content and other branding elements for Compass.

How did you wind up here in Tallahassee?
College in 2005 at Florida A&M University

It seems as though you are a music lover/guru, what type of music do you listen to?
I love a diversity of music, but hip hop and trap step are my go-tos.

On that note, is there a song that you could play over and over again that would never get old (or drive you mad)?
Kanye West – Through the Wire

How would you describe you, Tony, back in the days of high school?
A nerdy kid who played football and had to grab his saxophone from the sidelines to march in the halftime show.

If you had to describe the color green to someone that had never seen it before, how would you describe it?
It looks like what pine needles smell like.

Let’s go to your car, what will I find in there?
Empty chapstick tubes and old air fresheners

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs, but cats are hilarious.