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Three interns. One mission.

9 February 2017

The Compass intern team has been tasked with content creation for our social media platforms, and if you think that sounds like quite the responsibility, you can imagine how we felt when we found out. All the same, we got to work with a combination of enthusiasm and nerves.

We came to the conclusion that employee interviews would be a good starting point. We even had an overarching objective, or mantra, if you will: “opening the doors of Compass to the world”. We wanted to showcase the Compass staff and let their personalities shine through a little.

All three of us have been collaborating with our talented Compass visual media artist, Vy Nguyen (who surprisingly, though inadvisably, trusted us with his fancy video equipment) to interview digital designer Tony Watts and media strategist Laura Jones. We’ve had an exciting time shooting the interviews so far, and have learned about what goes into taking a video from the storyboard to the first “action!”

Fast forward three weeks and we’ve launched the first two videos in the series, “The Nosey Intern”. We’ve been overwhelmed with positive feedback about the first interviews and expectations are high for the rest of the series. The two videos have been viewed close to 5,000 times combined and have received an influx of comments about how funny and well done they are.

The videos look “casual” and improvised, but don’t be fooled– a lot of thought went into making it feel that way. We wanted the questions to be quick and for the atmosphere to feel laid-back– See! It worked!

We have learned a lot from the whole experience, but if we had to pin down the biggest lesson, it’s that the creative process is ongoing, from beginning to end, things can and will change last minute, so you have to be ready to adjust and think on your feet.

We experienced a little bit of this with our second interview with Laura. Our timeline was a bit more restricted than with our first video because we had a strict deadline, and there was a lot happening on that particular shooting day. Thankfully, we learned from the experience and are already adjusting our strategy.

We’re looking forward to applying this new knowledge in every future “Nosey Intern” video and beyond.

Oh, and Tony and Laura. We learned a lot about them, too.

Check out the teaser below, and LIKE our Facebook Page for the full length videos!
*chuckles guaranteed