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Thoughts On The 2014 Adobe Creative Cloud Keynote: Adobe Sketch

21 July 2014

Back in June, Adobe  revealed  the newest “design-led innovations” to be included in the 2014 version of Creative Cloud. This is a bigger deal than usual, because Adobe has never before overhauled their creative tools in such an ambitious manner.

For those unfamiliar, it’s not a stretch to suggest that Adobe is the preeminent leader in creative technology for designers. Adobe Photoshop is so well known that its practically become a verb. Now, Photoshop and other Adobe programs will have more capabilities than ever before. Being tech-nerds, this is a fairly exciting subject for us, and although we weren’t live in person at the keynote address in NYC, you can rest assured that we huddled around the streaming simulcast. In, our next few posts, we’re going to highlight some of the programs we’re most excited to be working with. First up, our Web Developer (and Resident Jedi) Bobby, discusses the brand new Adobe Sketch app.

Adobe Sketch App

With the release of Adobe’s first ever piece of hardware Ink & Slide, came a brand new drawing app called Adobe Sketch. The Sketch app is fully integrated with Creative Cloud, which means you can now pull Photoshop files straight from your personal cloud space onto your tablet. Having the luxury of the BeHance online portfolio actually built into the app is super convenient. Basically,  what this means is you’re now able to publish projects or ‘works in progress’ instantly into your BeHance portfolio.

Below is a drawing of mine (work in progress) which was originally done with a Faber-Castell pen on Beinfang paper. I tried my best to recreate it with Adobe Sketch. As the screenshots proceed, you’ll notice that Sketch provides you with five tools: pencil, pen, ink, marker and eraser. Alongside those tools is a color palette; color theme, color wheel, and color history. The apps functionality uses multi-touch gestures to undo, redo, scrub, and pan, your work. The culmination of these features combined with it’s minimalist design puts Adobe Sketch way out in front of any current drawing application. I would highly suggest picking up a quality drawing stylus (check out the Adobe Ink & Slide hardware) if you want to maximize the Adobe Sketch experience.

 Sketch Interface


Sketch Tools


Sketch is a game changer for sure. A few years ago, no one would have predicted it would be this easy to create and edit Adobe files on the go. For instance; if you’re away from the computer and you thought of some edits you’d like to make on a project – you can simply open up Sketch and pull from your Cloud without delay.

As an Agency, this will be a major asset. We’re quite enthralled with the flexibility that Adobe Sketch provides. On-the-go mock up abilities will go a long way in preventing any haziness surrounding a client meeting about design ideas, or how something might look. Now, we can mock up a project right on the spot. We’re excited to utilize the convenience that Sketch presents. It’s one of our favorites amongst all of the excellent additions in the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Final Skull Sketch