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The Nosey Intern Episode XI – Charlie

11 April 2017

This week, on ‘The Nosey Intern,’ our furriest team member Charlie gets the spot light!

We are nearing the end of this season of ‘The Nosey Intern’; stay tuned for a sneak peak of next week’s season finale at the end of this episode!

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1. Can I ask you a few questions? If you must.

2. What’s your guilty pleasure? Tortilla Chips, with Queso!

3. What’s your favorite accessory? My Louis Vuitton Collar. I’m always on trend.

4. What’s your favorite toy? This here duck!

5. What’s your role at Compass? As senior intern I oversee everything and everyone…It’s a lot of responsibility.

6. And how long have you been working at Compass? 2 years… but it feels like 14!

7. Do you have a favorite Youtube video? *howls*

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