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The Nosey Intern Episode VI – Nick Williams

7 March 2017

Finding that one chance to interview the elusive Nick Williams proved to be a turbulent endeavor. We tried our hardest to fit all of our most-pressing questions in, but ultimately, with the slice of a blade, the interview was cut…

Episode VI of ‘The Nosey Intern’ peeks into the life of our orderly Operations Manager, Nick Williams.

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1.What’s your favorite video game? Don’t play video games, Get Outside!

2.If you could go pro in any sport, which would it be? Hot-wing eating.

3.What do you do at Compass? Fight fires.

4.A lesson that your job has taught you? Ask questions.

5.Favorite TV show as a kid? Inspector Gadget.

6.Favorite breakfast food? BACON!

7.Least favorite household chore? All of ‘em!

8.Tell us one of your hobbies. Hunting.

9.Lastly, what’s your favorite thing about agency life? Jeans. Cut!

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