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31 July 2015

There are always certain things that indicate the beginning of the work day at any office. Perhaps it’s the sound that the copier makes as it powers-up;  the smell of the first pot of coffee brewing that wafts through the still air; or the quiet broken by the banter of coworkers chatting as they place their days’ lunch in the refrigerator. All of those scenarios are applicable in our case at Compass, but there is another less common occurrence that we experience every morning in our offices – the sound of paws and claws as they “click” along the expansive tile floors.  We all know that the day at Compass has really started once Charlie, a 50-pound, canine teenager, has officially reported for work. And if you hear the sound of paws and claws galloping across the floor, that means that Charlie is running alongside our senior canine intern – Riley.

Featured at the top is Riley and below, Charlie.

Featured at the top is Riley and below, Charlie.

Here at Compass, we enjoy being able to experiment and incorporate things that make for a more creative and relaxed workspace.  Sure, we don’t have a bowling alley or a roller-skating receptionist. But, we do enjoy the fact that we don’t have doors on our offices, that we can plop down at our video gaming center (we even wrote-up a formal request/proposal for approval on that one), and that we have pets in our office!

In Charlie’s case, she came to us by way of a couple of other connections that we are proud to have. This year marked the eleventh annual “Pets & Their People” event hosted by Tallahassee Magazine, with Proctor Subaru as a presenting sponsor. With Proctor Subaru as our client – and next door neighbor – we get to enjoy a great day filled with music, food and events every year, along with the opportunity to play with dogs that are available for adoption through the Leon County Humane Society. Such is the story of how Charlie was adopted this year.

Photo Credit: Animal Training Adventure. An ATA post featuring a puppy named Gibson that a Compass team member fostered over a weekend.

By way of the Leon County Humane Society, we learned about the “Animal Training Adventure” summer camp – an experience that pairs children and teens with their own rescued puppy/dog for a week. The camp offers real “hands on” work that allows children to leave with confidence in the training techniques and interactions they have with their canine companions, and the canines get to learn behaviors that are appreciated by future adoptive homes. Surely, this is truly the definition of a “win-win” situation. We were excited to collaborate with Animal Training Adventure in building community awareness and participation through images, information and promotional posts via Facebook.

The opportunity to break from the norm is something that anyone can do, so our dog-friendly office environment isn’t necessarily all that unique.  However, we like to think that it is the intersection of wonderful clients, a great annual event and acting upon opportunities – that played a part in creating our unique environment.  So, if you see Charlie one day around town on roller skates during regular business hours, please be sure to let us know! That might be where we actually draw the line on something around here (most likely not, though – she’s also pretty good at putting together formal requests/proposals).