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The Best 404 Error Pages on the Web

5 August 2014

The 404 error message is something we’re all familiar with. If you’re surfing a website and click a broken or dead link, the “404 Not Found” web page will appear. It’s purpose is to alert the user that the link is broken, or that the page doesn’t exist. Until recently, 404 pages have been quite boring in appearance. Designers have started to tap into the fun and creative possibilities that a 404 Page presents. Below are some of the best we’ve seen.

1. Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard 404

Blizzard Entertainment is known for their very popular computer games which include the World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo series. Their 404 page mocks as if you actually broke the screen by clicking the broken link.

2. Dilbert

Dilbert 404

Scott Adams and his long-running business comic Dilbert created a custom 404 themed comic strip that’s triggered  if a dead or broken link has been clicked.

3. NPR

npr 404


National Public Radio (NPR) has a pretty clever take on the 404 page. They apologize for not recognizing the page your looking for, claiming it’s “lost”, and then proceed to display links to stories of famous lost people and places. Click the link above for the full list. 

4. The Rolling Stones

rolling stones 404


Stones fans will get a kick out of the 404 page. Click a broken link on their site, and you’ll be greeted by a live performance of ” You can’t always Get What You Want”.

5. Mattel

Matell 404

Mattel, the California based Toy Manufacturer, has an interactive 404 page which you can try out by clicking above. Nice branding tie-in, with the Magic 8 Ball that can provide the answers you’ve been searching for.

6.  Android Dev 101


android 404


Android Dev 101 is a resource for, you guessed it, Android Developers. They provide tutorials and forums that cover all sorts of things for things Android Developers. Like all good nerds, it appears the folks who run Android Dev 101 are Star Wars fans.

7. Mint


mint 404 is a personal finance website that boasts impressive, clean design. They recently updated their 404 page from an older one that was perhaps… a little too odd?

8. Bedmap

BedMaps 404

Bedmap is a fairly obscure (at least to us) service that displays hotel availability in any major city. Although their website looks like it was designed in 1997, we dig their 404 page, cause Doc Brown is awesome.

9. Museum of Modern Art

Moma 404


MOMA’s 404 page might be the best on this list. They use an actual piece of modern art ( Edward Ruscha’s, OOF) to alert you that the page you were looking for is unavailable. Fantastic idea.

10. Local Fitness 

Local Fitness 404

LocalFitness of Australia uses a great cultural tie-in, considering that Kangaroos are probably a Top 6 thing people think of when Australia comes to mind (along with Ayers Rock, the Sydney Opera House, Dingo’s, the Great Barrier Reef, and that, “let’s put another shrimp on the barbie!” quote).

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