Nick Williams | Operations Manager


Why Tallahassee?

After moving to Southern California in the late ‘90s for high school and some college, I decided I wanted to live closer to the rest of my family in the Big Bend area. So I packed up my bags and moved back and haven’t looked back since. Dorothy was right – there’s no place like home.

We hear you had a pretty cool job in California?

You heard correctly. I worked for Sparco Motorsports, one of the worldwide leaders in racing safety equipment. My job involved designing racing suits for all kinds of drivers, and I had the opportunity to work with race teams all over the world. I went to a lot races and saw some pretty awesome things day in and day out.

Can you describe your perfect day in Tallahassee?

Breakfast with my wife, walking our dogs at the Miccosukee Greenway, going to Talon Range for some practice, Proof in Railroad Square, then spending the afternoon cooking out with our friends. I am a simple kind of man.

You’ve been invited to a weekend trip to either fish, hunt, sail or surf. Which one do you choose?

Hunt. Hands down.

What’s the last movie that you watched?

Don’t watch a lot of movies, but I do love COPS on TV.

Number of cups of coffee needed a day? Flavored or plain?

None. I prefer my caffeine cold and carbonated.

Best concert you’ve ever attended?

The Police with the Foo Fighters in Dodger Stadium.

If you could travel back to any decade of the 1900s, which would it be and why?

1940s – There is something about the World War II era that is captivating, and I do believe they are the greatest generation.