Natalie Bernsee | Graphic Designer


Where are you from and why are you here?
I’m from Lakeland, FL. I originally moved here to attend FSU, then graduated with my BFA and started working at Asysco, Inc.

Who are your favorite visual artists?
Serge Birault, Karol Bak and Danny Doya.

How did you discover graphic design?
At FSU, I was required to take a Digital Foundations course and fell in love.

Do you use any other mediums?
I love photography, watercolor, oil painting, printing, sketching… I really love all creative visual platforms. I want to start experimenting with spray paint next.

What’s your music of choice?
Everything; reggae, rock, scream, country, hip-hop, indie, rock, pop, you name it.

Any favorite TV shows?
The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Workaholics and Vikings.

How would your family describe you?
I’d say my parents would describe me as their “colorful” child.

If you had it your way, you’d eat ___ every day.
Nachos, 100%. Mexican food in general, really.

Any irrational fears?
Spiders, roaches, flying and roller coasters/rides.

Would you rather be riding a camel in Egypt, an elephant in Thailand, a llama in Peru, a polar bear in the Arctic Circle, or a horse in Wyoming?
A horse in Wyoming.

Speaking of travel, what’s on your bucket list?
If I get over my fear of flying, I want to check out Europe for the castle ruins, the Coliseum, the aqueducts, and would love to see Pompeii. I love history!