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Keep Your Coffee Weird

25 February 2016



As you prepared your bowl of cereal this morning, did you take your first bite and come to the realization that you have eaten this nearly every morning for the past three months? We often carry out our daily rituals so unconsciously that it gets to a point where we might want to consider stopping and asking ourselves, “Am I having fun?” While there may not be too many ways for the average person to spice up their toothbrush routine, there are countless undiscovered adventures held within our very own cups of coffee. Even those who have been making their coffee unchanged for years may enjoy one of these flavorful variations.


shutterstock_260832710 BUTTER

It’s pretty well-known that the flavor and consistency of foods are often improved from a simple slab of butter, but  have you heard that coffee has been included in this conversation as well? It may seem unusual at first, but consider  what butter is actually made from…yep, cream. We already add milk into our coffee, so why not consider trying this  alternative form. For the most authentic result, try blending in a tablespoon or two of unsalted, grass-fed butter or  clarified ghee.


COCONUT MILKshutterstock_171784316

Contrary to common belief, the refreshing qualities of coconuts don’t belong exclusively to drinks ordered on the  lido deck of your cruise ship or the dessert menu at your favorite restaurant. This fruit has limitless potential to amplify the taste of just about any dish, and your coffee deserves to be one of them. A can of full-fat coconut milk provides a naturally sweet, decadent and non-dairy way to shake up your cup.


shutterstock_351352517 (1)Do you recall what makes pancakes taste so amazing? Well, your coffee is jealous. Let maple syrup expand your horizons past the celebrated pancake encounters that we all don’t experience enough and start using it as a natural sweetener for coffee! If you use pure, authentic maple syrup, you’ll reap more than just flavorful benefits. Pure maple syrup contains phenolic, an antioxidant found in berries.



Salty coffee doesn’t sound too appetizing, but this trick is actually intended for reducing  flavor. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of black coffee or simply can’t handle the bitter  undertones of a certain roast, you’d be surprised how far a little salt can go.  A small pinch of  salt will counteract with any bitterness and soften the overall taste of coffee.


The strong bond between honey and tea could also apply to the likes of your beloved coffee. Not only does it taste  incredible, but the healing power of raw honey is also impressive as researchers are learning more about its possible  health benefits.


You may think of lavender as an oil or scent that is extracted to then make bath and body products, but this flowering plant can be used in both sweet and savory applications. Ever purchased Herbes de Provence? Well, this dried herb mixture often contains lavender. If you are looking for a unique, spring treat then consider adding this to your coffee routine. Some argue that you should add them to your coffee grounds while others suggest steaming it alongside your milk.