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Instagram Announces Slideshow Feature

23 February 2017

Picture This…

You’ve just returned from the most amazing day outdoors and there’s no shortage of great photos. You arrive home excited to post on Instagram and show all your friends the adventurous day you had.

You scroll through your photos, looking for the one photo that will define your day. But wait a minute, these are all so great. How are you going to pick just one? It would be unheard of to make multiple posts about the same event, that’s just not how instagram works.

Well, fear not friends, because now you can publish several pics (up to ten to be exact) in the same post. That’s right– One post, ten pictures!

Instagram has graced the world of social media with the new galleries feature, a new alternative for posting your photos and videos. Two stacked photo icons in the top right corner of the post let viewers know that the post is a gallery of images, and they can scroll through the gallery by swiping to the left, to the left (sorry, Beyonce is still on the brain).

The creative applications of this new feature are endless– here at Compass, we’ve already used it to make a themed post to show the world our love for Compass Green (check it out here!)

Gone are the days of cramming your photos into a collage or having to resort to #throwbackthursday to post your vacation pics. We don’t know what more we could ask from Instagram (we have zoom, stories and one minute videos, after all) but we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Thank you, Instagram, from #teamcompass