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Inside Insights // Take It From A Millennial

18 August 2017

As I’m sure you know by now Millenials are always moving from trend to trend and exploring uncharted territory. Our generation is constantly breaking down barriers across many industries, so make sure you find a place for us when you’re creating your marketing strategy.

Hi! I’m Micaela, an Intern here at Compass Marketing and Consulting. Throughout the past eight weeks, I’ve given you insight into how Millennials think, why we act, and what we believe in. In this final blog post of “Take It From A Millenial”, we will revisit the key points we’ve discussed before.

Number One: remember the importance of establishing meaningful connections with us. We value them over anything else.

Number Two: remain authentic and never stray from who you are, regardless of the new trends that may come. We don’t appreciate brands that try too hard to fit in.

Number Three: keep in mind how important social issues are to us. Participating in cause marketing will go a long way for Millenials.

Number Four: Use influencers to reach us. Don’t forget how much we love our key influencers and follow them and the products they use as well.

Number Five: more than anything, remember how much we hate interruptions. Use native advertising to communicate in a way that we will both enjoy.

Number Six: Finally, capitalize using our FOMO. We are truly afraid to miss out, so take advantage of that.

All in all, accept us for who we are and use our unique identities to reach us. Rather than trying to trick us into liking you, use these tips so that we may all benefit. For more information on marketing to millennials, visit us at Good luck on all your marketing endeavors and may millennials be with you.