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Inside Insight // Web Design

21 August 2017

Your website is often the bridge between you and potential new customers. So how does your bridge look?

Hi, I’m Bobby Riley. I’m the Digitial Developer here at Compass Marketing and Consulting, and today’s “Inside Insight” is on web design.

Nowadays people look at a businesses’ website first before ever stepping through the doors, so you want your website to feel as inviting as possible. This is done through having a minimal, flat, and responsive design. While you may have a lot of content you want to share, having a minimal and responsive design helps the user navigate through the website easier and makes sure that they see your core products and services and most importantly, your core values before anything else. You have to make sure that the designs you want to present on your site are compatible with all web browsers. This will increase the overall user experience and make sure you maintain brand consistency.

The ultimate goal of having a website is to convert those users into potentially paying customers, and having proper web design is the key to making this happen. This has been a Compass Marketing “Inside Insight”.