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Inside Insight // Visual Story

6 November 2017

Many people think you need expensive equipment and gear to tell a compelling visual story………you don’t.


Hi! I’m Cody Gan, a Video Intern here at Compass Marketing and Consulting, and on today’s Inside Insight I’ll be talking about how easy it is for anyone to tell a compelling visual story with the gear they already own, a smartphone. To capture high-quality video content on your phone follow these basic tips that I’ve put together for you today.

Number one: shoot in landscape mode to gain access to wider feet of view and set the camera’s highest video resolution. This way it looks more professional and will fit better on both media platforms. Number two: find the best natural light, such as at dusk or dawn to ensure that your shots are both aesthetically pleasing and properly exposed. Number three: if you need to record audio, try getting as close as you can to your subject to make sure that your audio is as clean as it can be. The audience is less forgiving when it comes to bad audio than bad visuals. So make sure you capture the best sound possible. Compelling video content can benefit your business. By creating and sharing your visual stories on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter you can increase both consumer engagement and brand awareness. And remember, always focus on story to leave a lasting impression on your audience.