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Inside Insight // The Importance of Traditional Advertising

14 August 2017

As ironic as it might sound, traditional advertising is still an essential part of your marketing campaign.

Hi, I’m Laura Jones, and I’m the Media Strategist at Compass Marketing & Consulting, and today’s ‘Inside Insight’ is on The Importance of Traditional Advertising.

The digital age seems to have swept the minds of marketers and business owners across the globe, but it hasn’t swept us away from TV, Radio, and Print Ads quite yet. The average person can be exposed to thousands of ads daily, and the huge bulk of that is from traditional outlets. Traditional Advertising also has a key advantage in that commercials can tap into different senses, like hearing a jingle on the radio that instantly connects you to the brand.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that consumers still trust traditional advertising. So while you consider digital media outlets for your next marketing campaign, integrating traditional media outlets can complete and strengthen your overall marketing strategy.