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Inside Insight // Social Media For Business

18 September 2017

There are over two billion active Facebook users right now. Is your business taking advantage of this?

Hi, my name is Austin Holm and I am a social media strategist at Compass Marketing and Consulting, and on today’s Inside Insight, we’re going to be talking about how to bring your business to the social network.

What is your “why”? This boils down to your mission statement which will be utilized as your compass in guiding ever decision your business makes. It defines your culture, your purpose, and represents the critical factor and bio-consideration of your business or product. If you’ve not already done this, set a goal to put your “why” to pen and paper in a clear and concise sentence. You’ll be surprised as to how this can affect your communication as well as the belief in and success of your business.

What is your target audience? This can be a group that has proven to convert highly in the past or simply a demographic that you are trying to increase. Facebook has one of the most powerful audience building tools in all of advertising. Think about it, it simply knows everything about you. I definitely don’t remember what I had for lunch three years ago, but Facebook will surely remind me. With a solid understanding of your target audience, as well as making real-time analysis based on content performance, your business stands a better chance at reaching the people you want to reach and ultimately turning those people into customers. In order to communicate your business clearly and effectively, your brand image must be uniformed.  That doesn’t simply mean that your profile photo must match your logo. Everything from your imagery and information on your page, to the tone of voice you use in your customer engagement and post copy must remain consistent. Observance of these three factors will legitimize your business on the social network which will ultimately turn these people into loyal brand followers and loyal customers.

This has been a compass marketing Inside Insight. For more information on how to bring your business to the social network, visit us at