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Inside Insight // Hashtags

28 August 2017

Social Media has not only changed the Internet but also how we communicate with each other. Hi, my name is Brandon Santos. I am the Social Media Strategist at Compass Marketing and Consulting and on today’s Inside Insight, we’ll be talking about using hashtags for business related posts.

What makes it unique? What is your brand? When you answer these questions you’ll be able to create a brand hashtag. Now, this is a hashtag that correlates with your business specifically. Social Media has millions of users and by using a simple hashtag, that can help those users find your page. Finally, be consistent. Hashtags are a powerful tool when it comes to brand awareness, so be cautious of how often you’re using the same hashtag and also be cautious of how often you’re posting on social media. When you do these things, you’ll be able to make your business grow. This has been a Compass Marketing Inside Insight. For more information on using hashtags for business related posts, visit us at