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Inside Insight // Fundamentals of a successful IMC Plan

25 September 2017

Does your business have a communications plan?


Hi! I’m Priyanka Raj and I am the account planner at Compass Marketing and Consulting. In today’s Inside Insight we will talk about the fundamentals of a successful integrated marketing communications plan. A successful IMC plan will outline a core message, highlight your competitor advantage, address the appropriate target market, and tailor your message to fit supportive media channels. Is the purpose of your campaign to boost consumer loyalty or are you looking to build brand awareness. Decide exactly what you want to accomplish with your IMC plan.

Research in detail and some more. What makes it unique? What doesn’t? What factors help or threaten your brand? Understand your consumers, their behavior, and gain some insights. Understanding your target audience is the first step to creating a successful plan. The right audience is accessible, receptive, and profitable. Consumer insights uncovered during the process of research, strategic thinking, and a data droned approach ensures that your campaign is direct and focused. Consider how you can tailor your message through different mediums while maintaining the original message. Remember, not all consumers are on social media or have cable TV. Choosing the right media that suits your plan is vital. Present your idea creatively. Your message is the “whys” of your brand and it should be communicated seamlessly.