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Inside Insight // Creative Teams

23 October 2017

Having your creative team sit together can boost productivity throughout the entire office.


Hi, I’m Gabe Chisano and I’m an Intern here at Compass Marketing and Consulting. On today’s Inside Insight, we’re going to be talking about why your creative team should be sitting together.

Having your creative team sit together can help with communication when executing the final product. Creative aspects can be easily lost in translation through e-mails. Your team is more likely to talk about unclear material when they’re sitting right next to each other. When sitting next to your creative partner, you can get a grasp of why and how they think when creating content. This will also allow you to see their influences and allow you to be inspired.

Having brainstorming activities is much easier when you’re all in one place. Collaboration is more common especially when it is as easy as looking at the person to the left or to the right. Having your creative team sit together will lead to more efficient communication, a better understanding of your teammates, and a positive energy throughout the office.