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Inside Insight // Creative Industry

16 October 2017

When it comes to the creative industry, environment plays a key role in nurturing inspiration.


Hi, I’m Natalie Bernsee. I am the Graphic Designer here at Compass Marketing and Consulting and on today’s Inside Insight, we’ll be talking about supportive environments in any creative industry.

The creative environment should have room for ideas, allowing an individual to take risks and challenge the norm. The space should encourage outrageous and even silly ideas which can often snowball into a great concept. There are no rules to creativity, how the curiosity of a child asks questions that seem too simple reinvent old techniques and styles and do this all in your own way. Exploration often leads to innovation, so don’t be afraid to do something others in the industry are not.


Lastly, making friends with your peers is very important. No matter what your position is within the environment, creativity catches fire through collaboration. When the right people are able to brainstorm the supportive environment the possibilities are endless.