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Google My Business: First Impressions of Google’s Latest Tool for Local Business

29 June 2014

Google is on the verge of owning the universe internet, so it’s important to take note whenever the powers that be announce a major adjustment. With the introduction of Google My Business, the landscape for local marketability on Google has changed for the better.

Ultimately, the defining feature of Google My Business is a new interface that’s designed to be a one-stop-shop for all of Google’s small business tools. Everything has been consolidated in a newly simplistic, and entirely intuitive manner. That’s important because prior to this upgrade, Google’s business services were perversely set up, causing loads of frustration for small business owners in what was obviously not a finished product. This is a much improved tool that you could sense they’ve been working towards.

The new layout is remarkably clean, as it now combines all of Google’s business services (including Google+, Maps, Youtube, Reviews, Insights, Analytics, and Adwords) into one centralized location.

For small businesses with a pre-existing presence on Google, you are going to love this upgrade. The transition into Google My Business is an entirely smooth one. If you are starting from scratch, you’ll want to get on Google (we can help). It certainly is encouraging to see Google’s renewed commitment to local/small business marketability.

Check out their introductory video: