Destini Carsen | Media Strategist


Who are you, and why are you here?

My name is Destini Carsen, and I’m the Media Strategist here at Compass.


Are you from around here?

No I’m not. I’m from Atlanta, via Montana.


That’s far away…How’d you end up in Tallahassee?

My boyfriend’s job brought us to Atlanta, then after two years there brought us further South to Tallahassee. We keep getting further away from the cold, which I suppose is a plus.


Do you like music? What are three of your all-time favorite artists or albums?

Yes I do – The first three artists that come to mind are Bob Seger which I grew up listening to with my dad; Garth Brooks – who doesn’t love ‘Friends in Low Places’; and *NSYNC…. Yes I just went there.


Besides music, what else do you like?

Considering I grew up in the Big Sky Country, I greatly enjoy spending most of my time outside. Whether I’m hiking, floating down the river, four-wheeling, or getting lost in the wilderness – I’m perfectly content when I don’t have walls surrounding me.
Do you do normal things like…read books or anything?

I’m a huge fan of James Patterson novels and binge watching Netflix (don’t forget the extra butter on that popcorn).


Hoppy or Malty (aka what are your beer preferences)?

It depends on my mood and how ‘hungry’ I am…. Cider is usually a go-to of mine, but if I’m hungry/need something a bit more filling I enjoy a good chocolaty Scottish Ale/Stout.


T-Bone or Ribeye (aka what are your beef preferences)?

Neither – Being a Montana girl, I’ve learned you can’t get much better than a slice of medium-rare prime rib with a side of creamy mac n chez and garlic asparagus.


Now for the cliché: Where would you like to visit most?

There’s honestly an endless list, but right now my #1 pick is Italy – Rome for the ancient architecture and Northern Italy for the beauty of the land and for someone’s grandmother to teach me how to cook.


The best show on television is…..

Oldie – Friends; Newer – Suits or The Following