Daryl Green | Interview

Daryl Green | Agency Director


Tell us who you are and your role within Compass.

My name is Daryl Green and I am the Agency Director at Compass Marketing and Consulting.


What are your goals for Compass?

A broad goal of mine for Compass is to be the best agency we can be. But I think what’s most important to me is that Compass is a place where people have fun and genuinely enjoy coming to work. You know, I don’t want it to be looked at as just a job. I think it should be viewed more in terms of a career, and something we can all take pride in. I want everyone to feel a general sense of ownership in regards to the agency.


How did you get interested in advertising & marketing? Was it your first choice as a career path?

No I was going to be a pilot, but being interested in advertising has always kind of been a thing in terms of the creativity that’s involved. It’s a job that really allows you to have an open expression of that creativity.


All-time favorite creative campaign?

It wouldn’t necessarily be a campaign itself, but I’ve always been a big fan of the work that they’ve done on the Audi advertising in print and TV. It’s always been pretty excellent.


Ok that’s enough career driven questions, I’m going to shift into the frivolous questions. Best book you’ve ever read?

I think hands down the best book I’ve ever read is “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein. It’s a story from the perspective of a Golden Retriever, and discusses a lot of ideas in terms of living your life. It’s a book every guy should read.


If you could experience any historical time period (other than the present), when would it be?

The 1920’s. I think I would have made a spectacular Mob Boss.


What do you miss the most about the 90’s?

Nothing (Other than 1994 Alec Baldwin super hero movie, The Shadow. It was every bit of hokey as you’d imagine. It’s worth a watch).


How about the 80’s?

TV. Don’t get me wrong there’s cool stuff on now, but I was a kid in what I consider to be the pinnacle of TV.


What’s your Dream Car?

I would have a Lamborghini Adventador as a daily driver. I’ve also always loved the Aston Martin’s, specifically the DBS.


Favorite Super Hero Franchise:

Christopher Nolan’s Batman series.


I know you’re an iTunes guy, so If I browsed through your “Most Played” iTunes playlist, what music am I going to find?

I change it up with a pretty wide variety of music. Right now I’m listening to a lot of Alt-J, The Neighbourhood and Young Blood Hawke, but some of the more classic stuff I’ll listen to would be bands like Pink Floyd – particularly the later stuff like Momentary Lapse of Reason & Division Bell – and bands like Concrete Blonde. My taste is all over the place.


Where would you most like to travel that you’ve yet to visit?

It’s a tie between Dubai and Iceland.


Please elaborate…

I’ve always been curious about seeing the Middle East, and Dubai is probably the only place I would venture to go over there. The architecture and the culture of Dubai would be something to see, and frankly, they have Ferrari World theme park that has a roller coaster that goes 200mph. I’m all in on that.

Iceland I’ve just always wanted to see. There’s a particular tour company where you can rent these massive 6×6 trucks that trek through the glaciers in Iceland.


What is it about you and brunch?

What’s not to love about brunch? I’m all about it. I’m a foodie and brunch is one of those things where I can sleep in till like 11 or 11:30. Best of both worlds (being someone that likes to sleep in).


What’s your Mount Rushmore of hobbies or interests?

Reading, Movies, Traveling, and Exploring.


Any pet peeves?

Clowns, Monkeys, Mimes, Wicker Furniture, Regis Philbin, Phonebooks, and Glitter.