Typography & Your Business: What You Need to Know


We all know how crucial branding is to a business. Not only is it an opportunity to tell your audience who you are in your industry, but it’s also an opportunity to showcase how you differ from your competitors. As you think about the various components of branding, it’s likely […]

Culinary Confessions, Capital Cuisine Restaurant Week


From Austin to Atlanta and Chicago to Charleston, you will find many variations of “restaurant week,” all based upon an original 1992 event in New York City, credited with the title of being the first ever of its kind. During this period of time, participating restaurants generally lure both regular […]

Lucky Goat Coffee Company, Grand Opening

Owners Ben and Brooke Pautsch with the Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce as their son has the honor of cutting the grand opening ribbon.

The grand opening of a new business location is always an occasion to celebrate a new beginning and to share the festive, entrepreneurial spirit with the local public. However, when such a grand opening is necessitated by the fact that the business owner outgrew their last location— you are also […]

Notice a Dip in Your Facebook Page Likes?


Facebook likes to make big changes without much notice. Every once in a while, you’ll notice subtle changes in the Facebook interface. It’s because Facebook has this philosophy that Zuckerberg subscribes to called having a “Hacker Mentality” – basically it means that Facebook is never a finished product. They’re constantly […]

Tallahassee Brewfest 2014 Collateral

We had the opportunity to work on a really awesome project recently: Designing the branded collateral for the 2014 Brewfest! Our Digital Designer Andrea created 4 different designs that you’ll be seeing around town. The idea was to evoke a 1950’s World War 2 propaganda type feel. Take a scroll down below and […]

Welcome to the World of Native Advertising

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

If you aren’t watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, allow this to be the moment you take notice. In a recent episode, Oliver discussed a particularly interesting subject: the infiltration of native advertising in today’s media. Take the time to watch the segment below, it’s 10 minutes will spent. Native advertising […]

A Handful of Text Editors for Designers


Designers, developers, and writers all rely on a text editor from time to time. They’re great for managing code, or even as a no-frills writing platform. This week we’re taking a look at a handful of the best text editors for designers. NotePad ++ The original Notepad was one of […]

Top Photography Apps For Your Phone


There are zillions of photography apps available for your phone. Cut through the rubbish and check out this collection of our preferred photo apps. VSCO Cam VSCO  stands for Visual Supply Company. Their app is free, which is awesome because it contains a wide variety of  dynamic base level filters. In addition to the […]

The Best 404 Error Pages on the Web

android 404

The 404 error message is something we’re all familiar with. If you’re surfing a website and click a broken or dead link, the “404 Not Found” web page will appear. It’s purpose is to alert the user that the link is broken, or that the page doesn’t exist. Until recently, […]

Content Marketing & The Evolution of SEO


We all know the importance of having an online business presence. It’s 2014 now, and the internet is pretty much the first way people try to figure out anything. Of course, this has business implications. An effective online business presence all begins with having a quality website. That is the […]