Bobby Riley | Interview

Bobby Riley | Digital Developer


State your name for the record:

Bobby Riley.


Is that short for something?



What do you do here Robert?

Web development. All of the back end work required for a website.


Least favorite hashtag?



Favorite Hashtag?



Favorite food?

Generally I like Italian.


Olive garden or real Italian?

Real Italian.



Skating, biking, collecting Star Wars memorabilia, and going to shows.


What kind of shows?



Current favorite App?

At the moment it is a tie between Flipboard and Spotify. I use those two the most on a daily basis. Flipboard is pretty interesting. It’s like a ‘magazine’ style app, so you can browse through all of your interests, articles, and videos all at once. Spotify is just hands down the best music app.


Favorite part of your work environment?

It’s pretty relaxed and laid back.


Favorite Project that you’ve worked on?

Darko Butorac’s website, the Conductor of the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra. He’s super easy to work with, and everything went as smooth as possible. Also, I enjoy the recurring Florida Educational Negotiators projects – pretty solid group of people. Having recurring projects with them is good.


Tell me something about you no one else knows:

One time, when my brother was younger, he wanted Batman and Robin to attend his birthday. At the time, I had a red 4 wheeler, and my dad had a black one. So we dressed up as Batman and Robin, and drove in on our 4 wheelers to surprise him. He was petrified.


I’ll pay you for pics, and from now on will only refer to you as Bobby the Boy Wonder. Any closing remarks?