Austin Holm | Social Media Strategist


With whom can you talk to about anything?
My Father and I have a very open dialogue, he has had a major role in shaping who I am today.

What’s important to know about social media?
People should be aware of just how far a post can go, how visible anything is that is posted on the internet. Whatever you say/post is visible to an extremely large audience, so there are no secrets on Facebook. Political posts and opinions on controversial topics are an especially significant pet peeve of mine.

Which animal represents you?
I think the black bear’s temperament is reflective of my own; they have a large territory and often travel alone.

How did you discover your passion for photography?
I was gifted my dad’s fully-manual Pentax K 1000 when I was very young, then eventually got my first digital camera when I was around 15, I’ve been shooting professionally for three years now. Aside from shooting landscapes and practicing astrophotography, I enjoy wedding photography and portraiture. It is nice to aid in the remembrance of special moments in life with images that last forever.

Describe the ultimate photography journey you’d like to experience eventually?
A dream of mine would be to work for National Geographic, also getting my hands on the new Nikon D5 would be interesting.

What were you doing in New York City?
I lived in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan and Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, while studying classical music at Mannes School of Music. I specialized in orchestral percussion and piano aside from my interest in Music Theory. My fondest memory would definitely be playing timpani in Mahler’s First Symphony in Carnegie Hall, it’s something I will never forget.

When you’re not playing music, what are you listening to?
My recent favorites include Radiohead, Alt-J, Glenn Gould, and Steve Reich. I like spending time expanding my vinyl record collection, which I’ve been building for years.

What is strange about you?
I think I have a unique appetite towards atypical foods, the strangest thing I’ve ever eaten would be a live squid.

Any future travel plans?
I’m half Danish, so I’ve always been interested in Scandinavian culture. I dream of living in Copenhagen eventually, where everyone rides bikes, recycles, and has a strong sense of community.

What else makes you happy?
I play a lot of soccer with three of my best friends, two of which are English. I spend a lot of time outdoors, when I’m not enjoying the ambiance at Liberty bar.