Every business needs a goal and a path by which to attain that goal. At Compass Marketing & Consulting, we are dedicated to helping your business reach and exceed those goals through sound advertising strategy. You set the goal, we’ll chart the path.


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  1. CMAC_INSIDE INSIGHT_NATALIE_CG_V01.00_00_16_07.Still001

    When it comes to the creative industry, environment plays a key role in nurturing inspiration.   Hi, I’m Natalie Bernsee. I am the Graphic Designer here at Compass Marketing and Consulting and on today’s Inside Insight, we’ll be talking about supportive environments in any creative industry. The creative environment should […]

  2. CMAC_INSIGHT INSIGHT_KAY_VN_V02.00_00_19_28.Still020

    When it comes to developing a marketing plan for your brand, a “cookie-cutter” approach is not the way to go. Inside Insight // A Tailored Marketing Plan for Your Brand from Compass Marketing & Consulting on Vimeo. Hi, I’m Kay Meyer, new Business Developer at Compass Marketing and Consulting, and […]

  3. CMAC_INSIGHT INSIGHT_PRIYANKA_VN_V01.00_00_20_10.Still018

    Does your business have a communications plan?   Hi! I’m Priyanka Raj and I am the account planner at Compass Marketing and Consulting. In today’s Inside Insight we will talk about the fundamentals of a successful integrated marketing communications plan. A successful IMC plan will outline a core message, highlight your […]

  4. CMAC_INSIGHT INSIGHT_AUSTIN_VN_V01.00_00_15_25.Still012

    There are over two billion active Facebook users right now. Is your business taking advantage of this? Hi, my name is Austin Holm and I am a social media strategist at Compass Marketing and Consulting, and on today’s Inside Insight, we’re going to be talking about how to bring your […]

  5. CM_INSIDE INSIGHT_VY_VN_V01.00_00_15_13.Still027

    Interviews are often the back bone to documentary and corporate video features.   Hi, I’m Vy Nguyen and I’m the Visual Media Artist at Compass Marketing and Consulting, and today’s Inside Insight is on the importance of the interview. Great interviews add emotion and passion to your story. After interviewing hundreds […]

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