Every business needs a goal and a path by which to attain that goal. At Compass Marketing & Consulting, we are dedicated to helping your business reach and exceed those goals through sound advertising strategy. You set the goal, we’ll chart the path.


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  1. Untitled

    Designers, developers, and writers all rely on a text editor from time to time. They’re great for managing code, or even as a no-frills writing platform. This week we’re taking a look at a handful of the best text editors for designers. NotePad ++ The original Notepad was one of […]

  2. photoapps-fb

    There are zillions of photography apps available for your phone. Cut through the rubbish and check out this collection of our preferred photo apps. VSCO Cam VSCO  stands for Visual Supply Company. Their app is free, which is awesome because it contains a wide variety of  dynamic base level filters. In addition to the […]

  3. android 404

    The 404 error message is something we’re all familiar with. If you’re surfing a website and click a broken or dead link, the “404 Not Found” web page will appear. It’s purpose is to alert the user that the link is broken, or that the page doesn’t exist. Until recently, […]

  4. content-fb

    We all know the importance of having an online business presence. It’s 2014 now, and the internet is pretty much the first way people try to figure out anything. Of course, this has business implications. An effective online business presence all begins with having a quality website. That is the […]

  5. Adobe Sketch App

    Back in June, Adobe  revealed  the newest “design-led innovations” to be included in the 2014 version of Creative Cloud. This is a bigger deal than usual, because Adobe has never before overhauled their creative tools in such an ambitious manner. For those unfamiliar, it’s not a stretch to suggest that […]

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